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On Wayanad Trail, Rahul Gandhi to Kick Off Kerala Campaign Today

Congress President into Campaign at Wayanad on 17 April
Rahul Gandhi to effort in Kerala beginning 16 AprilHis effort program will probably comprise Wayanad, his next constituencyPriyanka Gandhi can also be Anticipated to combine his own effort

Rahul Gandhi will effort in Wayanad, his next constituency aside from Amethi, on 17 April. "I'm awaiting return to Kerala on April 17," he tweeted beforehand of the trip through his newly-created Twitter account called'Rahul Gandhi - Wayanad'

In front of the effort, the Congress president started off a brand new Twitter account called'Rahul Gandhi - Wayanad'.
Rahul will begin his effort at Kerala, at the Mavelikkara constituency at Alappuzha area Tuesday afternoon, '' said the news headlines moment.

Rahul into Campaign at Shashi Tharoor's Constituency

 Anto Antony, Shanimol Usman and also Shashi Tharoor are the candidates to your own UDF in those constituencies.
Gandhi, that was first scheduled to accomplish country money Thiruvananthapuram on Monday nighttime, 1-5 April, will begin his effort course from Mavelikkara constituency at Alappuzha district.  He could effort at Wayanad on 17 April.
Rahul into Start out Campaign out of Mavelikkara

Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who's contesting from Wayanad constituency at Kerala, will probably be campaigning from their country from 16 April.

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