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Imam is the leader and leader of the mosque

The sons of Jamia Syedna Ibn Abbas Mumra

In Islamic society, imams have the status of leader and leader because imams are honest, virtuous, and sincere, and are leaders of the East, time-bound, pious, happy, courteous and courteous. The outwardly contentious evildoers cause the reluctance of the devoted, the well-dressed and the prayer of the perpetrators to increase their reward, the world for the cause of the cause of the spread of Islam and the service of the believers.
From the Middle Ages to all the golden periods of Islam, the Caliphate, the deputy caliphate, the authorities, the governor's area, the Ummah, the leaders of the Ummah, from rak'ats to jihad, from mosques to bazaars, from worship to politics, from society to government, schools. From the university to the whole, from economy to culture, leadership and leadership continue to perform the duties of leadership, but the prophet Karim-Banfis honors the position of the Imamat leadership as well as the Khalifah Rashidin, the leaders of the Imamat and the leadership. On the contrary, the intention of the Islamic temperament and shari'ah is that the imam and ruler of the nation should be the same as the imam of the mosque. Asrh religious and worldly affairs supervision duties Imamat.
Let us revive the Sunnah that only the leaders of the society and the gentlemen take the leadership of the members of the society and perform the duties of worship and worship, because leadership is not a job or profession is a reward and a blessing from God. by following his own servants for their azmaysunky always get rewarded for the sacrifices that Allah exalted prize badmqam leadership meet in Abraham Abraham kuazmays. {uإz suffering Ibrahim Rabbah words fأtmhn said, come jaalk llnas Al وَالَ و ۔م ۔ن The Holy Qur'an Laalla Yanaldi Ayahidi Al-Zalmaeni} (Surah Al-Baqara)
And when Ibrahim tried his Lord on a few matters, and they did that, then I said, 'I am going to make you the leader of the people,' and my descendants also said, 'My promise does not reach the transgressors.'
Leadership is the attribute of the special acts of Allah as described in the Qur'an describing the attributes of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) {Al-Furqan: 2) These are the people who pray. 'O our Lord, grant us the coolness of the eyes from our wives and our offspring, and make us leaders of those who guard (against evil).
Eyes high, Sukh Dilnawaz, John Purusz
This is a journey for my caravan
Atomic Mosques:
Read the lesson, then the truth, the court, the privilege
The work of the world will be taken from you
Qudratullah Shahab, a well-known writer, has paid tribute to his services and his position, remembering the imam of the mosque in his most famous autobiography Shahab. He wrote in the Shahab Nama:
People see the mosque's mullahs with a broken eye, but this is what they found even in stormy times, when no one dared to leave the house and when the whole world dreamed of relaxing, with the delight of sunshine. He goes to the mosque and proclaims Allah's kebari and, no matter what the season, performs the duties of Adhan and Imamat five times and plays the trumpet of Allah in the world.
This is the most enlightening duty, it seems to have a ten or twenty minute attendance at each prayer, but in fact it is a 24-hour ban, 24-hour restriction is not on any world duty, al-Imam Can't even dance, because there is no prayer. Have to attend or arrange for alternatives. There is no Eid holiday in this work, no excuse for rain and wind, neither sickness nor relief.
The status of Imamate is very high, so Imamate should be super-dedicated to those who are sincere, devout, who are well respected in society, who are seen with respect and honor, who are aware of the age-old rulers. Be aware of the circumstances in which there is a sense of humiliation and dissatisfaction with those who exercise their rights and duties, who are responsible for the affairs of Allah and the Almighty, whose relatives are happy with them, Who support the lives of their Baal children, who pay for their parents' rights, wherein goodness and goodness are found, Whose personality is transparent, whose character is flawless, who is not needy or arrogant, who is not afflicted with anyone, who does not own slavery mentality, who is well-dressed, well-mannered, happy Yes, be happy, for those whose eyes are not distinguished by sight, which are not seen with humiliating views. Because the effect of the prayer of the Imam is on the role of the Imam, on the role of the Imam, on the role of the Imam. The effect of the piety of the Imam, the influence of the greatness of the Imam on the dignity of the Imam, the influence of the Imam on the authority of the Imam must have a bearing on the personalities of the Imam. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: If you want your prayers to be popular then your good people should be your Imams. And the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, "The best of the good is the one who is better for his family."
When the people who are deprived of the above attributes are entrusted with the position of Imam, or the holders of these attributes remain away from the Imam, then the effects of the mosque do not affect the society.

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